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Le lactate et la caféine ont des effets anaboliques sur les muscles

03/09/2014 | Etudes Compléments alimentaires et Etudes Perte de poids et Etudes Anti-âge


Lactate-based Supplement With Caffeine Effectively Induces Satellite Cells Activity And Anabolic Signals For Muscle Hypertrophy In Rats
Med Sci Sports Exerc   May 2014 - Volume 46 - Supplement 1 5S p641   Takeshi Hashimoto, Yoshimi Oishi, Takumi Yokokawa, Hayato Tsukamoto, Nobumasa Iwanaka

Our previously study demonstrated increased myogenic regulatory factor myogenin mRNA by lactate treatment to skeletal muscle cells. Other study showed muscle hypertrophy in
response to calcium/calmodulin-dependent serine phosphatase calcineurin in mature rats.

PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to examine whether lactate-based supplement with caffeine, the activators of cellular calcium levels, could effectively elicit proliferation and
differentiation of satellite cells, or activate anabolic signals in skeletal muscle in rats.

METHODS: Initially, we incubated C2C12 skeletal muscle cells with either 10 mM sodium-lactate (Lac), 5 mM caffeine (Caf), or 10 mM sodium-lactate with 5mM caffeine (LaCa) for
6 hours. In animal study, male Fisher 344 rats were divided into three groups: control group (CO) (n=10), exercise group (EX) (n=12), and lactate (1000 mg/kg B.W.) + caffeine (36
mg/kg B.W.) supplement group (LC) (n=13). The LC group undertook supplement every day by oral administration. The LC and EX groups exercised tread-mill running (20 m/min for
30 min) every other day for 4 weeks. Satellite cells activity and anabolic signals were analyzed biochemically.

RESULTS: In the cell culture study, we found that Lac significantly increased myogenin. Furthermore, Lac significantly increased anabolic signals S6K and follistatin (Fst) while
decreased myostatin (Mstn)
, a negative regulator of skeletal muscle growth, as compared with control (Con). On the other hand, Caf significantly activated anabolic signals Akt and
mTOR as compared with Con
. The combination of lactate and caffeine (LacCaf) resulted in significant increase in the markers of satellite cells activity such as Pax7 and MyoD in
addition to myogenin as compared with Con, and significant increase in Fst as compared with Caf. In the animal study, EX increased only gastrocnemius muscle (GA) weight as
compared with CO, whereas LC increased soleus and tibialis anterior muscles weight in addition to GA. Actually, LC significantly increased MyoD, myogenin, and Fst as compared
even with EX.
CONCLUSION: These results suggest that administration of lactate-based supplement with caffeine could effectively increase muscle mass even with endurance exercise training by
means of activated satellite cells and anabolic signals in skeletal muscle.

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