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Comparaison des qualités musculaires entre le bodybuilder, le sprinter et le sédentaire

25/09/2015 | Etudes Musculation


Quand je dis qu’il faut faire de l’explosif, le débilos rigolera moins maintenant
Comparaison des différentes qualités musculaires entre le bodybuilder, le sprinter et le sédentaire

Single muscle fibre contractile properties differ between bodybuilders, power athletes and controls
J.P. Meijer               Experimental Physiology 2015 Vol. 100 Issue 9

We compared muscle fibre contractile properties of biopsies taken from m. vastus lateralis of
12 bodybuilders (BB; low- to moderate-intensity high-volume resistance training),
6 power athletes (PA; high-intensity low-volume combined with aerobic training) and
14 controls (C).

Fibre cross-sectional area (FCSA) was 67% and 88% (P

<0.01) larger in BB than in PA and C

, respectively, with no significant difference in FCSA between PA and C.

Fibres of BB and PA developed a higher maximal isometric tension (32%, 50%, P < 0.01) than those of C. Specific tension (F0) of BB fibres was 62% and 41% lower than that of PA and C fibres (P < 0.05), respectively.

Irrespective of fibre type, peak power (P) of PA fibres was 58% higher than that of BB fibres (P < 0.05), while BB fibres –despite considerable hypertrophy- had similar PP as C fibres.

This work suggests that high-intensity low-volume resistance training with aerobic exercise improves PP, while low- to moderate-intensity high-volume resistance training does not affect PP and results in a reduction in F0. We postulate that the decrease in specific tension is caused by differences in myofibrillar density and/or post-translational modifications of contractile proteins.

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