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L’info scientifique sur youtube, c’est du sérieux

26/10/2015 | Etudes sur les hormones


Sur des pathologies grand public, ça aurait été probablement 100 fois pire

Analysis of youtube as a source of information for peripheral neuropathy.
Gupta HV   Muscle Nerve. 2015 Oct 19.

YouTube is an important resource for patients. No study has evaluated the information on peripheral neuropathy disseminated by YouTube videos. In this study, our aim was to perform a systematic review of information on YouTube regarding peripheral neuropathy.
The Web site ( was searched between September 19 and 21, 2014, for the terms “neuropathy,” “peripheral neuropathy,” “diabetic neuropathy,” “neuropathy causes,” and “neuropathy treatment.”
Two hundred videos met the inclusion criteria. Healthcare professionals accounted for almost half of the treatment videos (41 of 92; 44.6%), and most came from chiropractors (18 of 41; 43.9%). Alternative medicine was cited most frequently among the treatment discussions (54 of 145, 37.2%), followed by devices (38 of 145, 26.2%), and pharmacological treatments (23 of 145, 15.9%).
Approximately half of the treatment options discussed in the videos were not evidence-based. Caution should be exercised when YouTube videos are used as a patient resource.

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