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Quel est le pourcentage de vidéos youtube utiles concernant le diabète?

11/11/2015 |


YouTube as a source of useful information on diabetes foot care
Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice Volume 110, Issue 1, October 2015, Pages e1–e4     Tasnima Abedin

• Diabetes foot care related videos in YouTube were assessed for their usefulness.
• Two physicians independently ranked the usefulness of the videos.
• 11.2% videos were categorized as very useful and uploaded by professionals.
• 49.4% videos were categorized as not useful and were mostly advertisement.
• YouTube, despite its huge potential for health education, is not a good source of useful information on diabetic foot care.

Diabetes foot care related videos were identified in YouTube to assess their usefulness as a source of information. Two physician reviewers evaluated the videos and categorized those as
very-useful (11.2%),
moderately-useful (14.6%),
somewhat-useful (24.7%) and
not-useful (49.4%).

YouTube videos on diabetes foot-care contained a variety of content ranging from very useful to not useful.

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