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12/03/2016 | Etudes Compléments alimentaires


G. GALLIEN         Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research   2016 VOLUME 30 | SUPPLEMENT 1 | FEBRUARY | S86

Individuals who exercise and live a vegan lifestyle may
experience difficulty when trying to find an effective preworkout
supplement that does not contain any animal byproducts.
No previous studies have examined the relationship
between the use of a vegan supplement and exercise
performance levels.

Purpose: To examine the effects of
a vegan pre-workout supplement on cycling performance levels
in recreationally active college-aged men. Methods: Recreationally
active college-aged men (n = 14; age = 22 6 1.84
years; height = 178.99 6 8.69 cm; body mass = 78.53 6
11.61 kg) volunteered to participate in this study. Subjects
completed a familiarization trial, which consisted of a graded
exercise test, followed by 3 separate visits in which participants
exercised at a workload that represented 80% of their
V_ O2peak until exhaustion. Supplements were administered
using a randomized, double-blind cross-over design and
included (a) vegan pre-workout supplement (70 kcal), (b) an
isocaloric sports drink, and (c) a zero-calorie drink with artificial
sweetener. Each of the 3 exercise trails were separated by
a minimum of 72 hours. For each trial, participants completed
an overnight fast. Thirty minutes prior to testing, participants
consumed one of the 3 supplements mixed with 12 ounces of

Results: The average time in seconds (s) until exhaustion
while using the vegan pre-workout supplement was 482 6
163 seconds. The average time until exhaustion while using the
isocaloric sports drink was 480 6 157 seconds. The average
time until exhaustion using the zero calorie drink was 496 6
238 seconds.

Conclusions: Consumption of the vegan supplement
provided no ergogenic benefit compared to an isocaloric
and zero-calorie drink
for recreationally-active males while
cycling at 80% of their V_ O2peak.

Practical Applications:
Since veganism has recently become a more popular practice,
there has been an increase in vegan-friendly products available
to consumers. The results of this study indicate that individuals
who choose a vegan pre-workout supplement (over an isocaloric
or zero-calorie product) will not experience any difference in
exercise performance. Although the present study does not support
the use of the tested vegan pre-workout supplement before
cycling, further research is warranted in this area.

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