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Hypo à cause de suppléments: très intéressant

23/12/2017 | Etudes sur les hormones et Etudes Compléments alimentaires


Pre-exercise Carbohydrate Ingestion and Transient Hypoglycemia During Exercise: Effects of Fasting vs. Feeding
Saki Kondo   Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 49(5S):273, May 2017.

Previous studies demonstrated that carbohydrate feeding 30-45 min before exercise results in transient hypoglycemia shortly after onset of exercise in some but not all subjects. However, it remains unclear whether the transient hypoglycemia after pre-exercise carbohydrate intake is more likely to occur under fed or fasted condition.

PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was thus to directly compare the effects of fasting vs. feeding on plasma glucose kinetics following pre-exercise carbohydrate ingestion and to elucidate the contributing factors of the transient hypoglycemia in each condition. METHODS: Sixteen subjects performed 60-min cycle ergometer exercises at 75%VO2max in overnight fasted and fed (3 h after breakfast) states in random order. In both conditions, they consumed 500 ml of a beverage containing 150 g of glucose 30 min before the start of exercise. Plasma glucose and serum insulin levels are determined before and during the exercise.

RESULTS: In the fasted state, plasma glucose levels dropped transiently below 4.0 mmol/l in 5 subjects, who showed substantially higher serum insulin level at the onset of exercise, while plasma glucose levels remained above this level in the other subjects. On the other hands, 7 subjects developed transient hypoglycemia in the fed state and their VO2max (3285 ± 286.6 L/min) was significantly higher than that in the other subjects who did not demonstrate a decline in plasma glucose (2915 ± 262.7 L/min).

CONCLUSIONS: Subjects with higher aerobic fitness and enhanced insulin secretory capacity seem to be more prone to transient hypoglycemia following pre-exercise carbohydrate ingestion under fed and fasted conditions, respectively.

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