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Effets du Cissus Quadrangularis sur la force et la prise de muscle?

21/09/2018 | Etudes Compléments alimentaires


The Effects of 6 weeks of Cissus Quadrangularis Supplementation and High Intensity Exercise Training
Eric E. Noreen,      MEDICINE & SCIENCE IN SPORTS & EXERCISE   2018 S598 Vol. 49 No. 5 Supplement

Previous studies have shown that supplementation with Cissus Quadrangularis
(CQ) can positively alter body composition in sedentary adults. However, it is
unknown if this same effect is observed in active adults.

PURPOSE: The purpose
of this study was to determine the effects of 6 wks of supplementation with CQ on
body composition and exercise performance in healthy adults enrolled in a crossfit

METHODS: A total of 18 adults (9 males, 9 females, 40.2+8.3 y; mean+SD)
completed this study. All subjects had been enrolled in crossfit classes prior to the
study. Baseline body composition was assessed by whole body densitometry using air
displacement plethysmogrophy, and exercise performance was assessed using a time
to completion 1000 m rowing test and a 3 repetition max for the standing press and
back squat. Following baseline testing, subjects were randomly assigned in a doubleblind
manner into one of two groups: 3.2 g/d of CQ; or 3.2 g/d of a maltodextrin
placebo (PL). Subjects consumed half of the daily dose in the morning and half in the
evening on an empty stomach. All testing was repeated following 6 wks of treatment.
Pre to post differences were analyzed using a treatment by time repeated measures

RESULTS: After 6 wks of treatment, there were no significant differences
observed between the CQ or PL group for change in body weight (CQ= -0.2+0.8 kg,
PL= -0.07+1.5 kg, p=0.77), fat mass (CQ= -1.1+0.7 kg, PL= -1.0+1.9 kg, p=0.96),
fat free mass (CQ= +0.8+0.7 kg, PL= +0.7+1.5 kg, p=0.89), body fat % (CQ=
-1.2+0.7 % body fat, PL= -1.1+1.9 % body fat, p=0.94), 3 rep max back squats (CQ=
+16.7+11.5 lbs, PL= +16.7+13.2 lbs, p=1.0), 3 rep standing press (CQ= +8.3+6.1 lbs,
PL= +3.30+5.6 lbs, p=0.08), or 1000 m rowing test (CQ= -3.0+6.0s, PL= -3.9+9.3s,

CONCLUSION: Compared to the placebo, 6wk of supplementation with
CQ did not alter the body composition or exercise performance adaptations to crossfit
training in experienced crossfitters.

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