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Effets du neural gliding sur la souplesse?

30/03/2019 | Echauffement et blessures



K. SMITH AND A. WALDHELM     Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research   VOLUME 33 | NUMBER 2 | FEBRUARY 2019 | e73
University of South Alabama

Introduction: The pre-activity warm-up is a very important
aspect in preparation for competitive sports. Prior research
has demonstrated the ability of a warm-up to influence flexibility, strength and power. Neural gliding is a fairly new intervention used in rehabilitation to improve muscle flexibility and joint
mobility of individuals with musculoskeletal and neuromuscular
injuries but the use of neural gliding in sports performance is

Purpose: The objective of this study is to compare the
effects of neural gliding and dynamic stretching exercises on
hamstring flexibility and athletic performance in collegiate basketball players.

Methods: Eight-teen NCAA Division II basketball players (8 males, 10 females; age: 18.1 6 0.24; height:
1.78 6 0.09 m; weight: 60.0 6 17.2 kg) volunteered for the
study. Data was collect during a single session and block
assignment was used with 9 individuals (4 males, 5 females)
in each group: neural gliding and dynamic stretching. Before
testing each subject performed the same 5 minute warm-up
which included jogging, running and sprinting. Pre-and postintervention testing included bilateral hamstring flexibility using
the active straight leg test, 10 and 40-yard dash, countermovement vertical jump, and 20-yard shuttle run. Between testing
the participants performed a 5 minute exercise protocol which
included bilateral sciatic nerve gliding or a dynamic lower
extremity stretching program. Multiple 2 3 2 (time by group)
repeated measures ANOVAs with p # 0.05 was used to examine differences.

Results: The results did not show a significant
time by group interactions for all 6 measurements and all main
effects were insignificant except for the countermovement vertical jump (F = 15.0, p = 0.005). Post-hoc paired t tests with
Bonferroni correction (p # 0.025) did not show as significant
difference in countermovement vertical jump performance in
both the dynamic stretching (p = 0.250) or the neural gliding
group (p = 0.107).

Conclusions: The results demonstrate that
both neural gliding and dynamic stretching exercises did not
have a significant effect on hamstring flexibility or 4 athletic
performance tests.

Practical Applications: Neural gliding can
be used as part of the pre-participation warm-up without a negative effect on athletic performance, but more research is needed
to truly determine if neural gliding should be part of a warm-up.

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