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Tout sur les propriétés du miel sur la performance et sur la santé

14/07/2012 | Etudes Compléments alimentaires et Etudes Perte de poids et Etudes Anti-âge et Etudes sur les boosters sexuels et la sexualité


Nutraceutical values of natural honey and its contribution to human health and wealth.
Abdulwahid Ajibola, Joseph P Chamunorwa and Kennedy H Erlwanger       Nutrition & Metabolism 2012, 9:61 doi:10.1186/1743-7075-9-61
The use of natural honey (NH) as a nutraceutical agent is associated with nutritional benefits and therapeutic promises. NH is widely accepted as food and medicine by all generations, traditions and civilizations, both ancient and modern. The nutritional profiles, including its use in infant and children feeding reported in different literatures as well as health indices and biomarkers observed by various researchers are illustrated in this manuscript. The review documents folk medicine, experimentation with animal models, and orthodox medical practices shown by clinical trials. This covers virtually all human organs and body systems extensively studied by different workers. The sources and adverse effects of NH contamination, as well as the preventive methods are identified. This is to promote the availability of residue free honey and a wholesome natural product for domestic consumption and international market. This will also help to prevent health problems associated with NH poisoning. In addition, apicultural practices and economic importance of honey is well documented. This report also includes information about a relatively unknown and uncommon South American stingless bee species. We concluded this review by identifying important roles for Ethno-entomologists, other Scientists and Apiculturists in the development of stingless bees to boost honey production, consumption and economic earnings.

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(j’ai survolé l’étude entière) Moralité : le miel c’est bon ! Sauf le miel indien et chinois. Aidons les producteurs de miel américains !

Le miel c’est un peu comme le chocolat noir, le cacao maigre : à petites doses, il y a, sur le long terme,  un petit intérêt à l’intégrer à son alimentation quotidienne, non ?


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