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La transpiration aide à éliminer l’aluminium

03/11/2013 | Etudes Musculation et Etudes Anti-âge


Aluminium in human sweat
Clare Minshall       Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology Available online 27 October 2013

It is of burgeoning importance that the human body burden of aluminium is understood and is measured. There are surprisingly few data to describe human excretion of systemic aluminium and almost no reliable data which relate to aluminium in sweat. We have measured the aluminium content of sweat in 20 healthy volunteers following mild exercise. The concentration of aluminium ranged from 329 to 5329 μg/L. These data equate to a daily excretion of between 234 and 7192 μg aluminium and they strongly suggest that perspiration is the major route of excretion of systemic aluminium in humans.

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