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Pas d’effet du malate de citrulline

18/01/2014 | Etudes Compléments alimentaires


B. WAX     Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research 2013 S68

In the competitive arena of sports, athletes are continuously
seeking training aids and supplements that may provide them with
the competitive edge. Recently, an over-the-counter supplement
named citrulline malate (CM) has shown promise as a potential
ergogenic aid during high-intensity bouts of resistance exercise.

Purpose: The aim of the study was to investigate the ergogenic
properties of CM during a lower-body resistance training protocol.
Based on CM chemical composition and prior study, we hypothesized
that CM supplementation would improve muscular endurance.

Methods: To test our hypotheses, 12 trained males (age =
22.1 6 1.4 yr, mass = 84.8 6 10.9 kg, % body fat = 11.9 6 4.3,
height = 1.79 6 0.10 m) participated in a randomized, counterbalanced,
double blind study. Subjects were randomly assigned to
CM (8.0 g) or placebo (PL) and performed 5 sets of 60% of onerepetition
maximum of leg press, hack squats, and leg extension to
failure. One week later, participants ingested the other supplement
(CM or PL) and repeated the identical protocol. Blood lactic acid
was determined pre- and immediately post-exercise.

Results: CM supplementation did not significantly increase repetitions in the
leg press (CM = 75.3 6 23.7; PL = 72.0 6 33.6, p . 0.05),
hack squat (CM = 38.0 6 18.3; PL = 32.1 6 12.8, p . 0.05),
leg extensions (CM = 37.7 6 10.6; PL = 35.0 6 12.9, p .
0.05), or total load volume (CM = 18822.4 6 8277.0; PL =
18171.4 6 6724.6, p . 0.05). Blood lactate was significantly
increased (p # 0.05) post-exercise compare to pre-exercise, but
were not significantly different between treatments (CM =
10.65 6 1.41; PL = 10.74 6 1.96, p . 0.05).

Conclusions: Collectively, these novel findings suggest that CM supplementation
does not increases muscular endurance during repeated
bouts of lower-body resistance exercise.

Practical Implications: Our data suggest that acute CM ingestion prior
to lower-body exercise does not provide any ergogenic effect on
resistance performance, nor does it affect lactate production or
clearance during anaerobic exercise. These findings conflict with
prior research, therefore further research is warranted.

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