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Etude sur le coup de poing

27/02/2014 | Livres Musculation


Transfer of momentum from different arm segments to a light movable target during a straight punch thrown by expert boxers
Journal of Sports Sciences Volume 32, Issue 6, 2014         Genki Nakano

The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between the reductions in momentum of punching arm segments and the impulse of the impact force when boxers throw a punch at a movable target with a mass almost equal to that of the human head. Nine male expert collegiate boxers threw a rear-hand straight punch at the target with their full effort. The reductions in momentum of the upper arm, forearm and fist plus glove of the punching arm during impact and the impulse were determined using a motion capture system and an accelerometer attached to the target. The reduction in momentum of the punching arm explained approximately 95% of the impulse: 40%, 35% and 20% for the upper arm, forearm and fist plus glove, respectively. The Pearson correlation coefficient between the peak and impulse of the impact force was 0.902.

These results suggest that for boxers increasing the momentum of the punching arm rather than that of the other body segments immediately before the impact is effective at increasing the impulse of the punch into the face of an opponent.

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