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Créer son programme de muscu est plus efficace que suivre un programme tout fait

24/04/2014 | Etudes Musculation


L’utilisation de sa créativité augmente l’enthousiasme et donc sa motivation, ce qui est la clé de tout

Choosing to exercise more: Small choices increase exercise engagement
Gabriele Wulf   Psychology of Sport and Exercise Volume 15, Issue 3, May 2014, Pages 268–271


• We investigate whether giving individuals an incidental choice will increase their motivation to exercise.
• Two groups of participants perform four different exercises, and one group is able to choose the order of exercises.
• The choice group completed a greater number of repetitions than the control group.
• The results provide evidence that seemingly minor choices can positively impact exercise engagement.

The purpose of the study was to examine whether individuals’ motivation to exercise could be increased by providing them with an incidental choice.


Experimental design with two groups.


Two groups of participants were asked to perform four exercises (i.e., lunges, jumping jacks, bear crawls, medicine-ball throws). After a demonstration of each exercise, a choice group was given the opportunity to choose the order of exercises, while a control group performed them in a pre-determined order. Subsequently, all participants decided how many sets and repetitions of each exercise they wanted to complete.


Choice group participants performed a significant greater number of total repetitions (sets × repetitions) of all exercises than did control group participants.


The finding suggests that individuals’ need for autonomy can be supported by giving them small choices, which can positively affect exercise engagement.



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